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How to Care for your swimsuit swimwear

How to care for swimsuit

Even if you don't get into the water, be sure to wash your swimsuit after each wear. Marysia Swim (marysiaswim.com) designer Marysia Reeves said: "Sunscreen contains ingredients that may damage the fabric and may cause ultimate damage to the material." Most importantly, some SPFs are more harmful than other SPFs, all natural. If the swimsuit is not properly washed, the mineral emulsion and oil formulation will turn yellow or gradually discolor over time. Another reason to be meticulous in washing clothes, especially if you are getting water in the pool? The chlorine on the swimwear fabric is more demanding than fresh and salt water, and leaves a bright color that is particularly susceptible to fading.

But don't throw the swimsuit into the washing machine or just use any old detergent. For best results, wash the swimsuit by hand and use a detergent designed for delicatessen or high spandex fabrics, to protect the color of the fabric and safely Eliminates grease and chemicals without damaging fine fibers. At a critical juncture, also used white vinegar to swear its deodorant and antibacterial properties instead of detergent. If you are not at home and do not have detergent or vinegar, recommends flushing the swimsuit at least in fresh water. As for men's swimming trunks, they are durable enough to be machine washable because they contain less spandex.

How to wash your swimsuit will make a big difference. Fill the sink with cold water first, then add a large cup of mild detergent or white vinegar. Allow the swimsuit to soak in the solution for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water. To dry, gently roll the clothes with a clean, dry towel and gently press to remove excess water. Although it may be tempting, you should not get rid of your swimsuit because doing so may damage spandex fibers. When finished, lay the clothes flat and dry.

To keep your swimsuit in top shape, be careful to avoid these things you should not do:

Don't bathe in swimsuits overnight. This can loosen the fibers.

Do not let the swimsuit dry directly in the sun. This can cause fading.

The heat weakens the elasticity of the spandex. That's why you shouldn't wear your favorite bikini in the jacuzzi.

Hang hangs the swimsuit on a metal rod to dry. Suspension can change the shape of the clothes, while metal bars can leave rust that cannot fall off.

Do not sit on a rough surface while wearing a swimsuit. The concrete on the side of the pool or the wood on the recliner may interfere with the swimsuit material. 

Always put down the towel before sitting.

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